The World’s Leading People Franchise that’s Building Business and Changing Lives BNTeams is a business for people who love business. It plans to be one of the world’s leading referral organization.  We will provide members the opportunity to increase business through a structured, positive and professional network that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with results-driven professionals, dedicated to helping each other generate more sales. A Business To Change Lives BNTeams will not only grow memberships worldwide, but its members will take on community challenges to help kids do better in school, participate in sports and other competitions, and provide leadership and mentoring to them. Our franchisees owner will help start and grow Business Networking Teams, earning revenue from members who pay a modest membership to join an organization that essentially adds a roomful of new sales, marketing, and leadership people to their team. Since members benefit by expanding the number of people in their chapter — and thus increasing the number of potential referrals — they also work as recruiters, which helps chapters grow. Are you ready to lead a team?  If so, call us at 813-833-3495.